How does hemp affect a person’s sexual behavior?

Employees at the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University conducted a study on changes in human sexual behavior caused by cannabis use.

Smoking marijuana increases fertility

Scientists analyzed the sexual behavior of Americans living in states that legalized medical cannabis and compared the data with indicators recorded in the regions with the current ban on plants. As a result, it was found that in states with a regulated market for medicinal hemp:

  1. people have sex more often;
  2. use contraceptives less often;
  3. the number of patients with gonorrhea is increasing;
  4. the fertility rate is rising by 2%.

The researchers used information on the volume of contraceptive sales, data from medical institutions on the number of requests for help in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and demographic statistics. The authors of the project evaluated the sexual activity of Americans aged 20 to 40 years.

The positive effects of cannabis on sexuality

Research co-author David Simon stated that smoking marijuana exacerbates sensory perception, relaxes, relieves stress and anxiety, and also increases a person’s sexual activity and life satisfaction, which in turn leads to an increased libido.

Smoking marijuana in high and low doses leads to an increase in the sexual activity of women, however, sexual desire in men increases only at a low dosage, a high dose, on the contrary, reduces libido.

The negative effects of cannabis use

Cannabis impairs a person’s ability to make informed decisions and encourages rash acts. As a result of this, the number of random sexual relations without the use of contraceptives increases. As a result, this can lead to unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Simon said that the researchers were able to establish a direct link between the legalization of medical cannabis and increased birth rates, coupled with an increase in the number of gonorrhea infections. Most parents who use cannabis conceived children out of wedlock, so scientists concluded that pregnancy was not planned.

According to David, lifting the ban on hemp has both positive and negative effects on society. Positive aspects include an increase in the birth rate, and negative ones include the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and an increase in the number of children living in single-parent families.

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