Hemp liquids trading volume for vaporizers reduced by 26%

From September to October 2019, the volume of trade in hemp fluids for vaporizers in the United States decreased by 26%. According to experts, the negative dynamics is due to the spread of the viper epidemic.

The outbreak of respiratory illness did not affect marijuana market

In August 2019, American companies set a record for revenue from the sale of cannabinoid extracts for electronic cigarettes. For a month, firms from the states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona earned $ 160 million. However, amid reports of a deadly respiratory viper disease, product demand has declined significantly. In September, the revenue of enterprises dropped to 126 million dollars, and in October – to 119 million. At the same time, hemp liquids account for about 25% of the total cannabis trade.

Nevertheless, the epidemic did not affect other segments of the market. In September 2019, the volume of sales of food products with cannabinoids and marijuana decreased by 4.6%, in September 2018 this figure decreased by 4.1%. According to economists, the demand for hemp traditionally decreases in early autumn, so the downward trend does not surprise anyone.

Positive effects of the vapering epidemic

Bloomberg experts note the positive effect of the vapering epidemic associated with a drop in black market turnover. Specialists at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggest that a respiratory illness occurs because illegal dealers add different chemicals to hemp fluids to make more profit. In particular, we are talking about vitamin E acetate. In addition, several extracts contained the pesticide myclobutanil, which when heated turns into hydrocyanic acid. Harmful substances were found only in samples of counterfeit products, in connection with this, the demand for uncertified goods decreased significantly.

The respiratory disease claimed the lives of 57 people

The TsKZ website indicates that until January 7, 2020, as a result of the spread of the viper epidemic, 57 Americans died, 2,602 people were hospitalized. The outbreak began in the summer of 2019, since September the number of cases has been gradually decreasing. Doctors still have not established the cause of the disease, but blame the epidemic on fluids with THC, because most patients used hemp products under the brands Dank Vapes, TKO and Smart Cart.

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