Hemp food has become a popular Christmas present in Canada

On October 17, 2019, food and cosmetic products with cannabinoids were legalized in Canada. Hemp products attracted the interest of local residents and became one of the most popular Christmas presents.

Cannabinoid sweets sold out in a few days

Hemp chain Fire and Flower sold the first batch of hemp products in four days. Kimberly Fife, the CEO, said: “We didn’t think that there was such a big demand for cannabinoid products. The reason for their popularity is that they don’t smell and make it possible to experience the effects of cannabis without having to smoke or drink marijuana. People buy sweets at Christmas because the packages are small and fit in stockings. ”

Vatic Cannabis president Allen Kilback said he ordered three batches of chocolates, chewing gum, and cannabinoid candies in a week. Despite this, on the shelves of the shops, there were several bars of chocolate and packets of candy. According to him, customers buy 200-300 hemp products per day. Kilback believes that interest in cannabis is due to novelty: Canadians are tired of traditional gifts and want to surprise their relatives and friends with original goods.

Economist Jason Childs said that food accounts for only 16% of total cannabis sales. According to this indicator, the palm belongs to marijuana. According to Childs, hemp sweets will attract people who rarely use cannabis or buy marijuana from illegal dealers to the market.

Three provinces left without hemp products for Christmas

Authorities in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta launched their own cannabinoid food distribution network and barred manufacturers from supplying goods to retail stores. Therefore, hemp sweets will appear on the shelves of outlets in 2020. On January 6, Ontario companies should receive the first batch of products. In Quebec, the situation is complicated by the fact that the government has banned some types of chocolates and sweets, but permitted products will begin to be sold on January 1. In Alberta, products will be available from mid-January.

Harrison Stocker, vice president of Hobo Recreational Cannabis, a cannabis company, said launching hemp products would increase the number of cannabis consumers and increase the competitiveness of the legal industry. Nevertheless, the hemp enterprise Hexo reduced its projected sales volume in 2020, explaining its solution to existing legal problems and regulatory uncertainty.

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