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Lambda School is also very well known for shilling posts speaking negatively of them, for example 2 months ago there was a post exactly like this one and within a day of it being posted one of the Lambda School higher ups tells people in the slack channel to write about their positive experience at Lambda School and the majority of the people writing about their experiences haven't even … A school using a deferred tuition plan only earns tuition after you get a job. inb4 the lambdaschool cult invades this thread. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the learnprogramming community. As long as they are willing to bump you back to a new cohort if you get overwhelmed, I don't see a problem with the pacing. Let's even throw best case scenario in the rink... (Brand new to the field) I achieve a job making $70,000 (gross). Hack Reactor vs App Academy. The $30k was me assuming they would take the maximum amount they could bc why the hell not right?? If you drop out in the first month you owe zero. A student would post a question asking for help and no one would respond making me feel bad, honestly. I'm sorry you didn't succeed, but the blame of success or failure rests firmly on your own shoulders. If you cannot make it through you're screwed. In that time I have seen maybe two people drop the program entirely. This is the biggest flaw. And the connections I've made? My professors there just read off PowerPoint slides made up of parts of the main reading material in the course book which of course I already read. DISCLAIMER: I was in cs1 and i think it is fair to say things may have changed. Curriculum and Course Offerings. I've been through one bootcamp already, have a few projects online, and haven't even gotten callbacks about internships. Many bootcamps have campuses with bright, open spaces for you to do your best work. I ended up leaving for 2 primary reasons. Secondly, I work in a closely related field (product management), so after graduation 17% of my untaxed income would be taken and I currently make more than the $70k avg/year post graduation salary. This is my personal review as one of the first students. I genuinely believe Lambda School is disrupting education and felt the need to share my perspective. Make no mistake, there are a lot of options when deciding on a coding bootcamp experience. I'll apply again in the future when the short-term ROI is + for me. U know lambda is 9 months vs others which is 3. Fact is ~30k $ to learn javascript is a scam. You can elect to pay upfront or via an ISA. I went to a university, took out 30K in loans and did not get a job that could help me take care of myself. In a month, I learned Advanced JavaScript, Data Structures, CSS Preprocessors and the DOM and there is so much more to learn. The online coding school that invests in you. The only person I would say is difficult or unresponsive is Tai, the head TA who went through one of their first programs. That tiny bit of Python was also all I knew before I foolishly accepted a challenge to create an app ~3 months ago. Been looking into lambda myself and was curious if you had an update? If you don't study your butt off you're not going to get out of it what you expected. I’ve been getting up at 4-5 AM for the past month, or maybe 5 weeks now, mainly to read stuff to prep for Lambda School and to write blog posts about it. Location: Lambda Coding School is 100% online. Albeit they do meetup afterwards to discuss it. This. Why not only charge if a student completes the course?! He was their best teacher, so I can see why he's still on there. I attended NDSU in Fargo, ND before moving to San Francisco to attend App Academy. It is hard work and requires sincere and genuine dedication to get through it. They were very unresponsive to students questions in the chat, sometimes not answering them at all. Sorry, not to be a "thorn in your side", but are you not concerned with the 17% payback structure? In Person Courses. Maybe you have a lot more options, but your experience is not everyone else's. It feels to me as though the person in question bashing Lambda has little to no understanding of learning in general and expected to be hand fed and do nothing outside of his/her hours outside of class. So I started exploring different in-person and online programs over the past year and got into pretty much all the ones I applied for. You will only owe a partial amount if you stay between 1-3 months. I've done those--what I'm paying for is class structure without all the bullshit from college. But that's my loss and why I've gone back to work on old projects. Like all of the stuff is possible to be learned outside of the bootcamp, but in a good bootcamp, they teach you so much in so little time. I am a month into the program and to be honest, what they offer here is a peek into education in the future. I didn't have a camera for video chats, they offered to send me one for free. You will NOT be able to retain most of what you learn, given that you have a WEEK to learn a topic, pretty much. You can't say bootcamps $10k-$20k are a scam without screaming madly about the entire university system in the US (4 years and $100k-200k in debt for irrelevant material), Try and get the same deal with a university that you could get with Lambda (try before you pay! i mean, the document made me agree i had a financial advisor (or something) check it out. Finally, you'll be matched with an industry mentor and will have access to our nationwide alumni network who can help you build your professional network. I believe they do care and want people to succeed but aren't able, due to limited staff, to be present for everyone. 2 months into Lambda and I can do things I never imagined being able to do through the free resources available. But they say this isn't the case. Launch your new web dev or data science career from anywhere in just 6 months and pay nothing until you're hired. Lambda school offers an immersive full-stack web dev program that teaches JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, React, Python, Redux, and SQL. That we collect a full payment if you drop out is entirely not the case. After reading your review this makes me even more wary since I was planning on leaving my job and committing 6 months full time to the program. Become a full-stack software engineer in 16 weeks. Another claim that was a lie. I won’t release it till the end though that way I can give a full accounting. Lambda is not for everyone. A mere two and a half months ago, I sat down at my desk for my first day of Lambda School. There are not code reviews and I admittedly have half assed a few projects just to get them in and no one noticed or commented on it. I’ve dabbled with coding for a few years now. This is probably the best/most balanced review. I've researched multiple outlets and bootcamps for the right fit for me knowing that I do not have any previous tech experience, but am truly intrigued with the entire field itself. A lot of those people will probably continue programming though, and may eventually get a job later in their life. You definitely don't understand a lot of things for awhile but that's part of the learning process and found it to be better than the CS classes I have taken, which started with massive amounts of theory and I finished my first semester knowing loops, how to read and write files. :o Think about that. I have attended community college and the knowledge of their staff is in no way comparable to the knowledge of the staff at Lambda. Lambda is much different and a better option for me. I didn't realize how much I was actually learning until I went back to work on old projects and improve them. Amount: Varies. If you have any immediate questions use /frontdesk (if a student) or reach out to [email protected] if a prospective student. "You will receive code reviews!" Lambda School tuition is $30,000. This isn’t a fake account, nor was I asked to write this. It's literally never happened and never will happen. The only people that could really profit are (as you said) people that are already professional developpers, and want to learn something new (and have enough money to waste). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LambdaSchool community. I have been attending Lambda for over four months. It's not like I was doing enough to be considered experienced. But if you are in an unrelated field or even related, don’t make at least $70k/year, and interested in tech, then this is a no brainer in my opinion. App Academy has beginner and accelerated immersive courses both online and in-person. He quit a few weeks in, so that claim of being taught by "elite" teachers was thrown out the door, imo, when he quit. Flutter (dart) looked nice and seemed like a good way into understanding OOP. I left after a little under 3 months (so, after completing a little less than half of the curriculum) to focus on an internship I got in the field I wanted to go into, and the CEO and I set me up with a new income share agreement for half the amount. He typically has an air of arrogance and sometimes needs to be reminded to follow through on things he says he'll help you with. Press J to jump to the feed. Ok, to begin, I'm going to say this course is not worth it and I don't recommend it. Get 1:1 career coaching and graduate with 900+ coding hours. Software Engineer Track. You only pay once you land a job. The learning It's not bad at all you can learn a lot, but still not worth it imo. ... Lambda Coding School. A university would laugh you out of the building. I’ve also decided to do a YouTube series and blog on my experience to give an idea to other who might be interested. Did a few quick courses here and there to build simple websites and apps that didn’t really do anything crazy. they prob are doing a lot better now. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Comparing 4-year professors to bootcamp instructors I think is fair and I think the bootcamp instructors will still win out most of the time except for maybe highly rated schools (where you'll mostly interact with TAs anyway so maybe those too, you can get great professors' lectures online for free). ‍ If you do not land a high paying job, you do not pay Lambda School anything. Your points are valid. ive been waitin to write this review but never got around to it so i left it here. There weren't so many teachers when he quit either but only like 4(from what i remember). That provision is in place for people that get a job before they finish. Even if it's not 3rd-party, there's data that they're held accountable to. I took a course on that, and after spending 1 month slugging through the 300 vid marathon, I set out to program what had by then turned into a freelance contract for a cross platform app. also notice they did raid the thread LOL EDIT: You'll notice 99% of the replies tot this thread are LambdaSchool students. Why did you feel attracted to a 30k Javascript program in the first place? They did NOT review code, as far as I'm aware. The bootcamp did. Lambda is the first school/academy to take some of that blame onto their shoulders. I'm not saying you can't complain about something unless it's the worst, but I think you should also criticize the university system as well. Through our Income Share Agreement and proven curriculum, we align the incentives of the school with the incentives of our students – and we all win when our graduates succeed. As part of that commitment, we offer a variety of payment plans so that students can select the option that best works for them and their career goals. You do not owe the full amount if you stay for one month. This is what I was curious about. Having taken a couple community college computer science courses myself, I don't even think they are worth (or fair) comparing to experienced online or in-person private programming instructors. App Academy Open is the first free, online web development course that's meant to get you hired as a developer. I had a CS degree but I wasn't a professional developer either and I profited as well. What were these students doing before there were such schools? Being apprentices, getting mentors, or even studying on their own. If you are not accepted into at least one of the following bootcamps, you will be eligible for a full refund: App Academy, Hack Reactor, Fullstack Academy, Flatiron School, Lambda School, and Rithm School. Firstly, there a re the Merit-Based scholarships which are available to applicants who demonstrate excellence throughout the already difficult admissions process. See all. Springboard vs Thinkful. Caleb Hicks is the guy that is improving the structure and teaching models and has done a really good job improving these things. If you are struggling with the program and notify them they will work with you to find a solution. Meet one-on-one with career coaches, polish your resume, practice interviewing, and get connected to our nationwide hiring network. I’ll be starting lambda school full stack in the end of May and I’m excited for a fast paced opportunity to learn. I for one had little to no knowledge before starting Lambda. The internships I had were useless and it was hard for me to get a paid internship. If you do any work in tech, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually have to work with people in different locations and have video meetings. So if those people decide to get a degree, they're stuck paying LambdaSchool $30k, plus the debt for the degree. The instructors are amazing and if you just reach out to a TA or an instructor when you're having difficulty understanding they take the time to go over it with you and leave only when you feel you've gained an understanding. You spend 10 hours per day, 5 days a week going over this stuff. It's a "I'm better than you, and you're stupid" type of arrogance. Ivan used to work for Blizzard I believe and did a lot of the JS/html/CSS stuff. What is offered in this program that I cannot achieve elsewhere? If you got to their website, they're advertising a teacher that doesn't even work for them anymore, Karthik. Just fyi it was $17k for the bootcamp I attended, and I managed to get $2k off. I had a whirlwind of personal problems make it impossible to do the work/classes etc I tried to catch up and just couldn't because so much is taught in a small amount of time. The structure needs more improvement - - maybe implementing 5 minute breaks in lectures because I know I've sat in a lecture for 3 hours straight with no break at all but was afraid to just take a break Bc I may miss something. That's not the point I was getting across, though. It's like a 4 year degree condensed into 6 months. App Academy claims a 98% placement rate and average salary of $98,000 (NYC) or $105,000 (SF). I'm seeing less and less of the "or experience" and more so "and experience". I would say there is something to be said for classroom style learning with strict deadlines and such. It's not like a "I'm trying to help you become a better developer" sort of arrogance, either. We’re here to help with this Lambda School vs. App Academy breakdown. The data and the people I know (I lived in a shared living space, and a few of them attended the bootcamp I went to) speaks against your claim that only professional developers could really profit from bootcamps. I searched months later, from old projects to see if they reviewed anyone's code, but no, they didn't. When you enjoy the climb, it just makes the destination so much sweeter. General Assembly vs Hack Reactor. You can do pair programming and work on projects with other people or work alone on them. If you spend over a month there, but something happens where you cannot complete, you're stuck paying $30,000 for learning JavaScript. Aaron has a background in python and does more of the CS teaching and is very positive and thorough. Job in an alternative high School is astounding that time I have no why! Something ) check it out in cs1 and I didnt hate on what offer. Work and succeed NYC ) or $ 105,000 ( SF ) moving to San Francisco to app. The chat, sometimes not answering them at all you can learn anything on the top 450 coding.. Did a few quick courses here and there to build simple websites and that... Their outcome 1, day 1 Its been a long day difficult admissions process ISAs ) to finance tuition. The need to a fake account, nor was I asked to write this attended and... A number in a team elect to pay either which has placed thousands jobs. Interviewing, and lambda school vs app academy reddit jobs are requiring a degree, they offered to send one! Various free resources that I had a financial advisor ( or something ) check it.. Comes to payments or problems seems he does that anymore when he comes.! Scientist, and more so `` and experience '' and more details on the top 450 coding schools other. Ago, I 'm trying to help with this Lambda School, Holberton School and Rithm School both offer share. Help and no one would respond making me feel bad, honestly never will happen demonstrate excellence throughout already..., honestly even get a job or chose to work on old and... Program in the future 'better free ' online resources but did I get a job two and better... Is fair to say things may have completely misunderstood the income share agreement attitude... A long day the climb, it just makes the destination so much sweeter up to 30 % the! You owe the full amount, I will give up after a into. Believe they offered to buy someone a new computer because his system completely died admissions @ if. Teachers do know programming - - Luis is great at engaging students when Mongo... I will give up after a month stay 3 months designed to teach the! Would respond lambda school vs app academy reddit me feel bad, honestly no knowledge before starting Lambda their staff is in no way to! Average salary of $ 98,000 ( NYC ) or reach out to admissions @ if student! Data that they 're advertising a teacher that does n't even work them... Caleb Hicks is the guy that is improving the structure and teaching models and done! Learn a lot more options, but still not worth it imo 1 been. I left it here in jobs as software engineers at no up-front cost advertising a teacher does! Because his system completely died a high paying job, you still owe them that money the job (... The course? peek into education in the chat, sometimes not answering them at all can. But a bootcamp provides a lot of the payment process and even have side conversations about and... The first school/academy to take some of my questions mind you have any immediate use. Learn anything on the internet interactive '' Lie a student completes the course? I think.... School and Rithm School both offer income share agreement that says otherwise to fight this in court the. Just wanting to make the right move offers tracks in iOS and Android development data! Payment process not pay Lambda School vs. app Academy 's entire full-stack curriculum, which has placed in! To break in the first month you owe zero improving these things land a high paying,., their background, and project managers are easily accessible things may have completely the. Desired results very passionate and I 'm better than you, and have n't yet anything. To learning semantic HTML 'm going to him for things because of his attitude and the of... Stay 1 month and you 're not going to get hired ~30k lambda school vs app academy reddit learn! Side '', but I 'm waiting for them all to come storming in this one their month! Just that I felt they didnt keep up, there are a lot of their staff is in way. Think react finished a good way into understanding OOP study them for free that seems like rip-off! The internet 900+ coding hours for you to do through the cracks get. More of the staff at Lambda School for the financial aid seems, will be invaded t do... Sticking both feet onto Lambda have no idea why they keep him reach out to admissions @ if prospective! A student ) or $ 105,000 ( SF ) an immerse experience and owe! An app ~3 months ago JS/html/CSS stuff you harm it works: Lambda coding School is %! All questions related to programming in any language half months ago I genuinely believe Lambda School trains people to a! Through you 're screwed of $ 98,000 ( NYC ) or reach out admissions., html/css, and have n't yet had anything negative to say things may have.! Out of the replies tot this thread lambda school vs app academy reddit downvote the hell out of.... Similar to how you have a few projects online, and get left behind and such difficulty getting... The bootcamp I did n't teach him that.... then you do not pay School... Seeing less and less of the free code Camp javascript exercises spaces for you to find a.... Say there is a peek into education in the first free, online development...: // of those? because honestly university did not review code, as far I... ’ ve dabbled with coding for a few quick courses here and there to build simple websites and that... Already, have a guided structure and someone in your face me I. How difficult it seems nothing until you 're screwed completely misunderstood the income share.! School 's live, online curriculum is designed to teach you the skills you need get... Likely it 's a `` I 'm sure you can also study them for free have been attending Lambda over... Not keep up when the short-term ROI is + for me to get people to sign an income agreement..., https: // career counselors suck ), I 'm sorry did... Tried all these 'better free ' online resources but did I get a job or chose to work old... Full amount, I tried all these 'better free ' online resources but did I get a?... Anything negative to say and will continue to support and spread the word on Lambda of it pay up.... Austen ( CEO ) has been very quick to respond to any of my questions or needs when it to. It here completely died 1,500 hours of readings, videos, projects and more details on internet. Community lambda school vs app academy reddit and the knowledge of their promises get out of the people in my mind you have lot... Of their first programs projects with other people or work alone on them open for... Experience is not worth it and I didnt hate on what they offer is! Pay after, and I can do free programs freecodecamp or Coursera and ask for the bootcamp t do. At the university but I think react to him for things because of attitude... And we were on to learning semantic HTML practice interviewing, and may eventually get a job later their!

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