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more by this character CV: Katsuyuki Konishi Info Dreyfus Login to Like. [1] Despite his serious nature, Dreyfus cares greatly for his son, locking himself in his room and grieving for days when Griamore was reported to be dead. Gear Sets. Draw Hero. Sent away from Liones to Camelot at age 6, she's now the queen. After Howzer optimistically considers only the benefits of the "New Generation" despite their mysterious origin and then leaves citing his busywork, Gilthunder goes closer to Dreyfus and informs him about Hendrickson's men having called for many apprentices, causing the Great Holy Knight to wonder what his colleague was plotting.[2]. When Ludociel attacks Zeldris who was talking to Merlin, Dreyfus tells Hendrickson to stop acting as if everything was good, noting that Gilthunder and Margaret are more separated than ever. When the Holy War unleashed, Dreyfus fights with various demons attacking Liones and kills them with his Rakan Sendan. High quality Dreyfus inspired Pillows & Cushions by independent artists and designers from around the world.All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. All he wanted was to become a powerful knight that protects people and someone his son can become proud of. When Margaret regrets her situation, Dreyfus says that he is to blame for what happened during the last ten years, but Margaret graciously thanks both of them for accompanying her on their trip. After the betrayal of the kingdom, Selene believed the Sins killed her father and she sought revenge. Play As. He apologizes even though he knows that if he had said it, he would have stopped him. As Hendrickson proposed a truce to work together for now in order to fend off the Sins' attack, Dreyfus reluctantly agreed but swore that he'll never forgive him. Purple Dreyfus possesses a long sword that works in conjunction with his power Break and serves as a formidable melee weapon in armed hand-to-hand combat. Gear Sets. Since Hendrickson was his friend, Dreyfus gave up his body allowing Fraudrin to possess his body. After spending a night in a nearby town, the three stop to eat in the mountains. Suddenly, two Great Holy Knights sensed another great power from the south gate and assumed that the Deadly Sins split up for a two-front attack until another knight hurriedly showed up and informed them that a massive army of Holy Knights from Camelot led by King Arthur Pendragon were at the same gate, shocking Dreyfus. I will not waver nor hesitate in my path to supremacy. Dreyfus claims to know this from Fraudrin's memories, recognizing that although his actions were unforgivable, he was motivated by the same feelings of companionship as them. Seeing Griamore about to be killed too, Dreyfus rushes to his aid, but is unable to do anything without hurting Griamore as well. Dreyfus has an emotional reunion with Giramore, crying to be able to embrace him again. Helbram told Dreyfus that he know nothing of it until Dreyfus scared him to turn into Love Helm and revealed that the Deadly Sins might be heading toward Merlin's old castle which is filled with magical artifacts. When the storms and other disasters in Britannia stop, Dreyfus and Guila meet Hendrickson and Jericho and tell them to return to Liones together. Dreyfus saves Griamore with Fraudrin's power. The Seven Deadly Sins (Japanese: 七つの大罪, Hepburn: Nanatsu no Taizai) is an anime television series based on a Japanese fantasy manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki.The series debuted on MBS, TBS and other JNN stations on October 5, 2014. Griamore told Dreyfus of his match with Gilthunder and that he wanted to be a Holy Knight as well. This is what makes you a worthy opponent. A Dreyfus went to meet with Meliodas along with Hendrickson who talk about Zaratras and that Dreyfus sword skill is better than the latter. Fraudrin and Hendrickson subsequently killed the Great Holy Knight and then framed the Seven Deadly Sins as traitors. When he was given an offer to revolt against Zaratras, he refused to do so due to his loyalty to his brother and especially his dream. Katsuyuki Konishi One of his fellow knights praises his actions and Dreyfus states that all the knights on the other gates of the kingdom have done a magnificent job of eliminating all demons. | The Seven Deadly Sins is deadly good fun. Dreyfus was at shock to hear Hendrickson plan and Hendrickson told him it was time to get the last fragment. Dreyfus walks toward Diane as the latter demand to get Elizabeth back which Dreyfus doesn't understand. Occupation Dreyfus's attire consists of a set of green (red in the anime) colored armor that has a spike on each shoulder but was later broken by King. Image Gallery Praying that his son is not taken from him, Dreyfus unconsciously manages to unleash the magic power that Fraudrin had left in his body, activating his Full Size ability, saving Griamore from the clutches of the demon and perplexing everyone present. Hendrickson told Dreyfus that the prophecy was the Holy Knights as the Guiding Hand of Light while the Seven Deadly Sins were the Bloodline of Darkness, but Hendrickson thought differently that they were not enough. Dreyfus later got out of his private room and chat with Howzer who he reveals that more New Generation appear more in Hendrickson group and their eyes seem lifeless. Dreyfus「ドレファス」 is a Holy Knight of Liones, the younger brother of the former Great Holy Knight Zaratras and the father of Griamore. Gowther thanked Guila for protecting Diane, and went down to face Dreyfus which the latter point out Gowther ability as the most dangerous of the Deadly Sins since it is able to crush minds. Hendrickson says he is not sure about that job. Location. Characters; Series; Random; Fav; CV; Trivia Game. Howzer told Dreyfus that Elizabeth will be sacrificed at any moment and that they should go and rescue her, and they should stop fighting among Holy Knights. Chapter 29 47~58 (after timeskip) Dreyfus then asked Helbram to what the Deadly Sins what since Hendrickson might have something to do with it and that Helbram is a dog of Hendrickson.

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