Canadian authorities help growers get hemp licenses

The authorities of the Canadian province of British Columbia launched a pilot project designed to help local growers obtain a license for the cultivation of recreational hemp in large volumes. They invested $ 675,000 in the project.

Experienced growers begin to trade cannabis

In British Columbia, it is permitted to cultivate up to four hemp bushes in one household. To plant more plants, you must obtain a license. To do this, the applicant must understand the law or hire a lawyer to help prepare and file the documents. But far from all hemp growers are willing to spend money on specialists, so they have to bury their talent in the ground.

To solve this problem, the government has formed a team of experts in the field of licensing of enterprises engaged in the cultivation of cannabis. Experienced growers got the opportunity to register in the program and receive free legal assistance. Officials hope to justify the investment with taxes that individual farmers will pay in the future.

British Columbia Hemp High Quality

A resident of the city of Nelson, located in the Selkirk Mountains, Che LeBlanc began to cultivate cannabis at preschool age. He learned the art of growing from his father, who had been growing hemp all his life. LeBlanc talked about the prospects for the development of the cannabis industry in the region: “One of my first childhood memories was that I crawled between rows of plants under bright light. Residents of Kouteney [a region in British Columbia] always liked to grow hemp. They have the best marijuana of the ones I’ve tried. The reason why hemp products made in British Columbia are popular all over the world is because of the climate and people. ”

LeBlanc was the first to participate in a support program for farmers. He plans to grow cannabis in an area equal to three football fields. She has already cleared the area for the farm and fenced it. In addition to LeBlanc, four more people registered in the project. The leaders of the initiative believe that their number will increase significantly after the New Year.

The head of the team of specialists, Paul Kelly, said that his subordinates were faced with the task of helping experienced growers successfully complete the process of obtaining a license. Experts are in direct contact with employees of the Ministry of Health and monitor the progress of the examination of applications. According to Kelly, Grooving veterans know best how to cultivate cannabis because they have been doing this for many years.

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