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VERSION 2.2.8 – Changes in PATSTAT Online and GPI: PATSTAT Online: The 2016 Spring Edition is now available. −EPO: classifies references in damaging the novelty (critical) and non-critical, USPTO not Reassignment: −EPO: no unitary patent yet, hard to know which laws govern, hard to keep track −USPTO: reassignments registered with USPTO, data has been used PATSTAT and the European Patenting Process| Stefan Wagner The EPO's PATSTAT database is of relevance in the field of patent intelligence and statistics. Information on the environment for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general public In order to subscribe to one of the products, please contact [email protected] PATSTAT contains bibliographical and legal event patent data from leading industrialized and developing countries. This is extracted from the EPO’s databases and is either provided as bulk data … PATSTAT is not free and costs 1250 Euro for a year (two editions) or 630 Euro for a single edition. The main barrier to using PATSTAT is the need to run and maintain a +200 Gigabyte database. Last post by EPO / PATSTAT Support Thu Sep 03, 2020 12:45 pm Summer School on Data and Algorithms for Science, Technology & Innovation studies: 16-18 September 2020 The most important database for statistical use is the EPO World Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT) and contains around 90 million records. Created by the EPO on behalf of the OECD Taskforce on Patent Statistics, PATSTAT is designed for advanced statistical research. for quarterly monitoring using … PATSTAT contains bibliographical and legal event patent data from leading industrialised and developing countries. Available as bulk data or online (PATSTAT Online), it is SQL-based, so users will need a solid grounding in databases and relational database management systems (see also FAQ - Patent statistics). Anyway: PATSTAT stands for EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database: created by EPO for use by government/intergovernmental organizations and academic institutions. The batches are password-protected. The EPO's Patent information services for experts are a suite of browser-based products offering the kind of advanced search options that experienced patent searchers need The PATSTAT discussion forum can be access via the Help menu. GPI: The date range operator is now available, e.g. This area allows subscribers to download weekly batches of bulk data. Contains a snapshot of the EPO master documentation database which contains data of about 90 national and international patent offices with different degree of coverage. Download EPO data. It helps you perform sophisticated statistical analyses of bibliographical and legal event patent data. EPO Patent information tools; Virtual classrooms on patent information; PATSTAT Online (September 2020) PATSTAT Online (September 2020) INPADOC worldwide legal event database (September 2020)

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