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Before you renew your Rhode Island registration, check if you need to have your vehicle inspected for safety and emissions. 600 New London Avenue Cranston. Summary: How to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Your State. Have in mind that license plates renewal needs to be done separately and bears extra costs. However, leased vehicle owners will not be able to update or change the address on the registration. The Division of Motor Vehicles of the state's Department of Revenue is Rhode Island's main source for motor vehicle and licensing services. RI Vehicle Inspections & Emissions Testing. Get Form Open the form. Transferring the vehicle title is the first step of the procedure. Entry Summary Submit to the Department of Homeland Security when importing a vehicle … Can also be used to request a renewal, duplicate, or transfer of vehicle registration. Computer, tablet, or iPhone; Just print and go to the DMV; Driver's license, motorcycle, and CDL; 100% money back guarantee; Get My Cheatsheet Now Your registration will be mailed to the address that appears on your current registration. “Is an out of state title transfer necessary for new cars in Rhode Island?” As a general rule, car owners must be mindful that every motor vehicle purchased from out of state must be titled and registered with the RI DMV within 30 days of establishing residence in the state. RI 02920. This single sheet of paper contains your name, the vehicle’s tag number, and the registration number. More information: How to Replace Vehicle Registration in Rhode Island How do I obtain car registration? Alternative Title Transfers in Rhode Island Rhode Island wants to know when titles are transferred outside of private sales whether buying from a car lot or passing the vehicle & title around family and friends. Passing the Rhode Island written exam has never been easier. DMV Cheat Sheet - Time Saver. A Rhode Island auto title transfer is a procedure required from vehicle owners who want to transfer the ownership rights of their motor vehicles to other legal party. See our Rhode Island vehicle registration guide to learn how the process is done. The process might look like this: Visit your state DMV’s website. Division of Motor Vehicles. NOTE: If you are a AAA member, you can also renew your vehicle registration at a AAA office. Find the documents you’ll need to bring for registration. Find a copy of your current vehicle registration paperwork. Click your state to find the cost to transfer titles with your Department of Motor Vehicles or vehicle licensing agency. Division of Motor Vehicles Registration Renewal 600 New London Ave. Cranston, RI 02920. 5 steps to transfer your car registration. Registration Duplicate. If this is the address of the leasing company, you may need to contact the leasing company to obtain a copy of your new registration and decals. Register for the first time or transfer your car’s registration by visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or county tag office. The first thing that a person who wants to give a vehicle as a gift needs to do is make sure that they are the legal owners of When you first registered the vehicle under your name (e.g., when you purchased the car or moved to a new state), a state official probably gave you a copy of the registration paperwork. It's like having the answers before you take the test. The processes of title transfers for cars are in most cases conducted at the moment when individuals are selling or purchasing either a new or a used motor vehicle. 7501. Title and register your vehicle with the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. You'll visit the DMV for such services as: ... you'll need to transfer it to Rhode Island within 30 days of becoming a resident. When is an out-of-state car title transfer necessary in Rhode Island? ... check out our Voter Registration in Rhode Island page for more information. The title transfer procedure varies slightly from one state to another, but there are a couple of requirements that are common for all states. When you buy or sell a vehicle, gift a car, or require a name change on a car title after a marriage or divorce, you'll usually need to transfer the title.

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