gap between fireplace and floor

To figure out which you have will take only a moment of detective work on your part. I will tile 12" surrounding the firebox and build a wood surround and mantle to encase the brick. There should be trim covering the gap that is necessary for expansion and contraction. I would want to talk to you about that one directly, and would be happy to if you happen to live in the DC area. So yes, floorboards can be attached to the joists. Could anyone tell me if this is the tightest that the installer could do? Or house settling away from fireplace? When he came and used his IR camera, the spot on the floor next to this gap was in the 30's in temperature. And your installer probably has mouths to feed ;) Anyway, hope this bit of perspective helps. After having our floors sanded and varnished, we didn’t want to risk messing them up again with caulk, so we decided to use some window sealing tape to fill the gaps. Hold the square edge of the board against the guide and push with even pressure. T. tathspts New Member. The fireplace is one enjoyable space in the house, especially during the winter. This is one of your only options. Joined: 15 May 2018 Messages: 110 Thanks Received: 0 Country: Our hearth is sat on a plinth which was supposed to be only 1mm taller than the height of the wood floor which has just been laid, to allow the floor to have an expansion gap beneath the lip of the hearth sat above it. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. The best you can do is get some flat trim, stain it to match your floor, and then scribe it against the brick. Sharon- Thanks for the follow. Jan 12, 2009 3,932 SW Virginia. Jan 4, 2020 65 Montreal. The temperatures in the firebox area of a fireplace can get very high; the average temperature in many fireplaces is around 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hi,thanks for reading my question :-) I have just moved in to a house with UPVC double glazing fitted around 2002 (so no... Gap between floor boards and wall. I used hi temp silicone to seal the gap between the board and the fireplace in case an ember fell in there. These problems below are why people should focus on fixing the baseboard and floor’s gap: It’s an aesthetic drag. If it isn't flexible the floor will rip itself away from the glue and you have a bigger mess than you can imagine. How do I full this space/gap so that it looks good? Temperature fluctuations or a sagging subfloor can create gaps between a wall and the floor beneath it. There is no backing so I also have to find something to hold the compound / plaster in place. This helps our clients make up their minds before doing the whole floor. of fireplace and white woode So, lots of considerations here. It darkens. Hide the Expansion Gap. But you'll get much more satisfaction out of it every time someone comes to your house and comments on how great it looks. She said she doesn't want trim on it. Should I grout or caulk the gap between the tile and the brick hearth? The poster who claimed that the thicker the wood is, the harder it is, is totally incorrect. Would that work for you? Anyway, back to the drawing. Remember this is a small sample and in a LARGE space there may be even more variations in BOTH samples. It is closer than yours. Please find your contract and find where it says the finish around the fire place. In the winter, this can be achieved with a whole house humidifier that connects to the furnace. Please contact us if we can be of further help. It is true that decorative wood COULD have been used to get flush against the stone. I would look for a thin tile the same as the fireplace to act as trim at the bottom and yes an expansion gap is common. semipro Minister of Fire. That way the floor can be one level throughout the house. With the fire place BARE of stone (just the bottom layer) you reinstall the wood planks as tight to the vertical surface of the hearth as possible. gap between doorway casings & new hardwood floors There's a noticeable gap (about 1/4") between our new hardwood floors and pre-exisiting entryway casings (no doors hang on them). If you you know you are doing something we offer on floor samples (3x3) in many combinations and finishes. Allow the caulk to dry and set, and you’re good to go! This type of gap (and level of "cuts") are completely acceptable for a floor that is about to receive BASEBOARDS or molding of some … Of what you have received concerning your question so far, AFC Inc. is right, and has given you the most valuable advice, in my opinion. Consider these professional pointers before you lay the first plank, Hidden fireplaces, buried hardwood and covered beadboard resurface thanks to a Mississippi couple's DIY efforts, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, Walnut countertops join hardwood floors and pieces made from leftover framing in a bright Spanish colonial. He has told me that it would be expensive to gain access to the gap between each stud and blow in insulation. Also, if you put the caulking in there, you could push the quarter round into it, effectively adhering the quarter round into the gap. Engineered hardwood withstands the switch in temperatures better due to its different layers. However, I think you could get a carpenter to lay a solid floor onto the subframe, as has been laid in older houses like mine for hundreds of years. I have laid ceramic floor tile on my concrete basement floor, including around the brick fireplace hearth. You could research farmhouse decorating choices until the cows come home. You can run the new flooring at a 45 degree angle to the joists with no problem. For what it's worth, I think it looks gorgeous in your final picture. As you can see from the pictures, it collects dirt and dog hair and just plain looks bad. Its usually a silicon based caulk so it stays flexible and they have a lot of shades so color matching is easy. The one on the right will probably lend itself to a more "rustic" look as it has more variations than the one on the left - however as stated - they could both vary a lot when installed in a large space. I just bought a new build home and have had the same debate - and after doing a lot of research on the topic, I've settled on engineered hardwood floors. Depending on the entire space that you would be covering, this may be an elegant design alternative...I do notice a column with a face at 45 degrees to the camera lens in the background, so you could align with that. It would have been an added expense that would have been agreed upon at the very, very, very beginning. Cut the Thickness Away. AFC is doing right by you here. Sorry i neglected to look at the fireplace picture which obviously won't get baseboard. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Had this been thought through, the floors would have gone down first and the finish on the fireplace would have been last. There's no perfect solution. Should get it done this week, ill let you know how I butchered it. However, a gap between a floor … We contacted the floor company and she mentioned that's the tightest due to need space in case of wood expand might buckle but the floor glued down therefore wood shouldn't expand, right? Once that was removed and the LVP installed there is about a half inch to 3 /4 inch gap between the exterior door jamb and the floor. As an interior decorator who also co -owns a flooring store - there are certain things to consider. We have a stone fireplace and due to the inconsistency of the curve of the stone, a space/gap was required to be left. This should be a problem about soot staining the brick if the sealing of the fireplace is done properly. En savoir plus. Put In wood floors but there are gaps around the fireplace brick that we had to make to fit the planka on. Start by cleaning the area and removing any previous caulk that may be there. Unavoidable. The fireplace interior where the fire occurs is called the firebox. The floor should have gone down first and then the fireplace tile added over the top. Around our fireplace our installer did a tighter fit than at the baseboards. Expand Signature. Nothing about base board or quarter round says modern minimalist. I'd use clear caulk and move on to the next thing. Of course, there will be a gap between the floor and the brick. Had this been thought through, the floors would have gone down first and the finish on the fireplace would have been last. If You Could Talk to Your House, What Would You Say? Depending on the climate where you live, engineered hardwood can last longer. I'd just caulk it with translucent silicone and be done with it. Discussion in 'Building' started by bobbidill, 19 Oct 2019. bobbidill. Lots of fireplaces don't have trim and the wood essentially goes to the hearth smoothly. Fortunately, you can easily fix the gap with the right caulk. Close. The D.I.Y video How To Seal A Big Gap Between Tile Floor And Tile Wall In A Bathroom Or Shower. Brazilian cherry has two innate characteristics...first, it starts with a pretty broad color range right off the bat. The sellers of pre-finished wood often want to sell the most durable thing they can...they don't want you coming back with complaints about durability. I've started renovating my masonry fireplace. If the store where you are buying it from could show you some photos of each installed and how they look when down in the room - that might help you!! Jan 6, 2020 #10 rwhite said: As I read the manual it's fairly clear. Regency I2400 Fireplace Insert, on partially self-built hearth Replacing: old Nashua that supplied forced hot air from garage, now with broken baffle Two dogs, a wee one who knows not to touch wood stoves, a cat who likes the cold, and a man who likes it hot. If you can't find one, it's not hard to build some molding that size, provided you can find an appropriately-sized piece of wood.

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