12 Million Americans Driving Cannabis

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a report on the number of people living in a country driving a drug while intoxicated. The document states that in 2018, 12 million Americans over the age of 16 sat behind the wheel under the influence of hemp.

Cannabis ranks second in the number of cases of driving

Last year, 12.4% of Americans aged 16 to 25 years old at least once drove a car while intoxicated. 4.7% of the country’s population over the age of 16 (12 million people) were driving under the influence of cannabis. 0.9% (2.3 million) traveled by car after drug use. The fault of drunk drivers killed 10,511 people, the number of accidents with fatalities that occurred due to drug users is unknown.

Men were almost twice as likely as women to drive a car under the influence of marijuana: 6.2% versus 3.2%. The largest number of violators was recorded among mestizos (9.2% of the total), blacks rank second in this indicator (5.1%), whites and Indians share third place (4.9% each). Asians were the most disciplined (2.3%). The maximum number of people who drive after smoking marijuana is recorded in the age group of 21-25 years (12.4%). Less often than all, Americans over 65 years old break the law (0.6%).

How does hemp affect driving skills?

CDC employees note that smoking marijuana leads to:

  • change in perception;
  • dulling short-term memory;
  • the weakening of cognitive abilities;
  • increase reaction time;
  • impaired motor function.

Because of these negative aspects, a person’s driving skills are impaired. Moreover, if the driver simultaneously uses alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, then the degree of violation of psychomotor functions increases significantly. However, scientists still have not been able to determine the exact level of THC in the blood, at which the driver’s ability to drive the car is impaired. This parameter is influenced by such secondary factors as experience in smoking marijuana, the method, and rate of use, the concentration of THC in the product. Positive test results prove the fact of taking cannabinoids but do not always indicate that a person’s driving skills have deteriorated. In this regard, experts can not estimate the number of accidents that occurred due to the fault of “smoked” motorists.

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